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How to Select the Best Camping Solar Panels

We all crave the outdoors at some point in our lives. This is because these moments spent away from daily routines help us relax more. You can already imagine that camping night you intend on having with your friends soon around a fire and sleeping under the stars. At least you will be away from all the tech, right? Just wait one minute please; let’s not kid each other. You can’t underestimate the role technology plays especially when you are in such isolated places. After all you don’t want to get lost and not have a way to communicate this. Being that tech is around and needs power, you need to get one of those camping solar panels that are portable. Advancements in the solar panel field have resulted in more silky and efficient solar panels that are affordable. Before you buy one, read this article and know exactly what to look for.

You need to start by assessing the quality of solar cells. The kind of photovoltaic cell used in making the camping solar panel will dictate the panel’s grade. Generally, there are three types of solar cells: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous cells. Choosing a reliable solar panel manufacturer is the best way of making sure that your solar cells are quality. You will even find manufacturers who have been able to integrate the various cells into one called the multi-crystalline cell. Cheaper solar panels will mean low-quality cells and hence an inferior panel. A competitive price and presence of a warranty will ascertain a quality portable solar panel.

Consider also the accessories that complement the solar panels. The components of the solar panel do the extra work that makes it possible for the solar cells to perform at peak conditions. You need a stable frame, set of hinges and cables that work in hand with the solar cells. Preferably, look for a frame made of aluminium and also heavy duty latches that ensure your portable solar panel robust enough to be packed and set up elsewhere. If you find a camping solar panel with rust proof compensated and hail proof solar cells, then clearly your camping solar panel is built to withstand very harsh conditions.

Weight and ease of use are also vital factors of consideration. Simply, pick a camping solar panel that is easy to operate and connect to your devices. Undoubtedly, you don’t want to be lost in the woods with a solar panel that has officially become your enemy. Again, since you will be moving around a lot, a low-weight solar panel is ideal. However, if your camp falls in the lines of expeditions, then maybe you might need something slightly more massive and bigger to meet your power needs.

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